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From Heartache to Harmony – the story of Women Rockin' Harmony Choirs® Blackpool

Updated: May 14

By Tanya Lawrence - Musical & Creative Director.

Building a choir from scratch is no small feat. It takes a firm hand, an uncrushable

heart and something of a hard head. Since Covid restrictions were finally lifted

and we welcomed a tiny cohort of nervous, beginner singers , our journey has

included a few bumps, twists and turns along the way.

Some singers initially hesitated to embrace the "sing, move, and communicate" approach that defines our rehearsals and performances. Our regular newcomer events revealed a clear difference in potential new members - some loved our vibe, some didn't. Those

first few months were something of a revolving door story as those who didn't

want to move, moved on and those who hated harmonising hurried off while

others who enthusiastically embraced our ethos took their place.

Having nailed our musical colours firmly to the mast, we rocked on and, despite

the challenges, our membership has steadily grown over the past two years.

Today, we boast two teams of enthusiastic ladies who relish every moment of

singing and moving together, delivering fully harmonised and choreographed

renditions of iconic hits by female stars from the 70s to the present day.

Our humble beginnings saw us perform in the corner of a local college café, with

no microphones or marketing. Exactly the kind of opportunity we needed after

almost two years of not being allowed to hold choir rehearsals, let alone perform

in public. From that modest beginning, our ladies' confidence has steadily

blossomed. We've sung at outdoor markets, Christmas events, charity events, a

local choral festival, entertained the Mayor and her guests and even staged our

inaugural summer show in a modest 100-seater venue, helping to raise funds for

a local good cause.

Following the summer break of 2023, I made the bold decision to elevate our

harmony arrangements. And our wonderful ladies have risen magnificently to the

challenge, mastering multipart harmonies and trying out slightly more adventurous

movement routines. Currently, they're hard at work preparing for our upcoming

second summer show, slated for the Layton Institute, complete with a full lighting

effects and a dedicated professional sound engineer. Picture us proudly sporting

our new uniforms, adorned with hats, canes, and various props to enhance our

presentation - it's bound to be a fun musical experience for everyone involved.

Of course, our journey hasn't been without its hurdles. We've faced resistance

from some members hesitant to learn the new arrangements, others

uncomfortable performing without lyric sheets, and a few simply apprehensive

about taking the stage. Yet, staying true to our concept of harmonising and

moving to iconic rock and pop hits form the 1970s to present day has rewarded us

with two teams of intrepid female singers, eagerly rehearsing ready to perform

together at this iconic local venue.

If you'd like to witness our journey first hand or perhaps even join us in

September, please sign up to our mailing list and follow Women Rockin' Harmony Choirs® Blackpool on our social media platforms. Your support means the world to us as we continue to grow and harmonize together.

Group picture of Women Rockin' Harmony Choirs® Blackpool North and South teams at their first joint rehearsal at Junction Four Productions in Blackpool, March 2024
Women Rockin' Harmony Choirs® Blackpool North and South teams, March 2024

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