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Why do some people wait so long before finally joining a choir?

By Tanya Lawrence - Musical & Creative Director.

All too often people cite anxiety or a fear of not being “good enough” as the reason why they've put off coming along to one of our newcomer sessions for months, sometimes years.

In my experience, though these pesky feelings are often conflated with personality traits. Eg: I am so nervous. No. You are not. You are a human being experiencing the feeling of nervousness. It's an emotion. It will pass. Why let a passing emotion get in the way of starting what could be one of the most exciting chapters of your adult life? After all, if a child expressed this concern, wouldn't you go out of your way to help them overcome it and do the thing they want to do? So why not treat yourself the same way?

All too often I'm told by adult students "I always get so nervous about performing on stage". On further questioning it often turns out they got nervous the ONE time they ever tried performing and felt out of their depth. Usually, they're recounting a childhood experience or something that happened in their mid to late teens, after which they never ventured onto a stage again. Yet here they are aged forty-six (or more) claiming they ALWAYS get nervous on stage. No, they experienced nerves ONCE at a time when they were not in full control of circumstances. Now, they relive that feeling whenever they think back to that event. It's become a habit. A thought loop they allow to play over and over again every time they even think about joining a choir.

Here's the thing. As an adult you are in charge of what you sing, when and with whom. You are the director of your own progress. You can change your thinking habits. So, if singing solo terrifies you, take a smaller, more manageable step. Join a choir and get comfortable rehearsing and on stage in a group. Then work your way through singing in a quartet, then a trio, a duet and finally perhaps a couple of solo lines. Overcome your concerns with your choir buddies and experience the difference. You're a grown up now. It's time to stop letting childhood emotions rule your life.

If you'd like to take a first step to join us in September, please sign up to our mailing list and follow Women Rockin' Harmony Choirs® Blackpool on our social media platforms to find out when we open our recruitment again.

 A blurred image of Women Rockin' Harmony Choirs with the quote: "I love to hear a choir.  I love the humanity...  to see the faces of  real people devoting  themselves to a piece of music.  I like the teamwork.  It makes me feel optimistic  about the human race  when I see them cooperating like that."  - Paul McCartney.
"I love to hear a choir..." It's even lovelier to be part of one! Why not take that step and get involved? Joining a choir could be one of the best decisions you make.

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